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Rave Reviews of Sandy Offenheim & Family's New CD Compilation

"My two sisters and I grew up listening to all of your records. The songs you sang became favourites of ours and hold so many special memories for us. When our record player was replaced many years ago, we had no way to listen to your songs, until now. We have purchased the CD as a gift for our parents. We hope they will sing along with their grandchildren now the way they did with us, many years ago..."

 Erin C., Petrolia, Ontario

"I've been teaching your music for years. A few weeks ago, the gas attendant who was filling my car said, "You used to be my music teacher. Are you still teaching Statue Game to your students?"

Carol M., Sydney, N.S.

"Thanks to you and your family for the hours of pleasure your songs gave to my family. I am thrilled to know I can obtain a CD after all these years."

Mary A., Victoria, B.C.

" When Aunt Lynn came over to my work and gave it (the CD) to me after Christmas, it was the nicest surprise. I was almost in tears! You would not believe the overwhelming rush of great memories that came to me when I played " The Statue Game" on the way home from work. Imagine the sight of a 31 year old man in a suit, driving home alone, singing and dancing around in traffic. I have been looking for "If Snowflakes Fell In Flavours " for my children, and although the gift from Aunt Lynn was a complete surprise, I was actually talking to my wife about finding it after Christmas..... Thanks for all the great songs, the great memories, and for putting out the latest CD. Once more you have affected my life, in a GREAT way. I will treasure this CD and continue to share it with my children, and hopefully with my future grandchildren. Please continue to do what you do, bringing happiness to children. "

Paul R., Ottawa, Ontario

" Your CD is so marvellous that I think people should start off each day listening to at least one song!!! What you must know...after Jeff and I had pretaped the show that featured the "Cuddle" song....I gave both Jeff and Mariel a hug just for good measure....they haven't been the same since!!!! Cheers...and a special hug to you."

Adrian Shuman
(Adrian's Music, Fresh Air with
Jeff Goode, CBC radio)

Ever since my daughter was born in March, my father has been searching for Honey on Toast. We had the album when I was 9 or 10 and I had already been singing some of the songs to her from memory. Well, we finally found you and now another generation will enjoy these great songs. "

Kirsten G., Toronto, Ontario

"Just yesterday, my mom surprised us with the songs that we had not heard in the last 10-15 years. You could imagine our reaction, as we thought that this music of our childhood had been wiped off the face of the earth. ...I was amazed at how well I remembered all of the words to the songs. I guess it's like riding a bike. I just wanted to let you know that we are glad to have you back. "

Tobi. B., Burlington, Ontario

" I still know most of the songs by heart. I have both albums (Honey on Toast) and (If Snowflakes Fell in Flavours" on vinyl and have been searching for them in CD or cassette form for some time now. I tried today and found your website. I was so happy. I have a daughter now and would like her to grow up with your music.."

Alix T., Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

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