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Rave Reviews of Sandy Offenheim & Family's New CD Compilation

"You don't know how long I've been looking for this website! Mostly, because as a child, my sisters and I lived and breathed 'The Statue Game' and a few years ago my dad sold our 'If Snowflakes Fell in Flavours' record at a garage sale. We were devastated."

Candyce A., Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan.

" I believe this is the same album that was my favorite as a child. I knew every song by heart. Now, I want to have it for my new daughter who is a month old. Thank you so much for your wonderful music and the hours of enjoyment and memories.."

Heidi P., Dartmouth, N.S

" When they were young, we gave the albums to all of my nieces and nephews and all of my children's friends. I now have a 2 year-old grandson who sings Let's Play a Statue Game. ... Now the second generation of my family is listening in Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, Ontario, New Jersey and Georgia..."

Susan C., Timmons, Ontario

" I listened to you as a child growing up in the Netherlands. My aunt in Canada sent me your tapes, and I'd like my children to listen to these songs, too."

Alethea M., Ann Arbor, Michigan

" My grandson, Jonah, loves his CD as much, or perhaps even more, than my own boys did. He knows all the songs, and although he just turned 2, he can sing most of them. ... It is a joy for me to remember my children's youth and to have the memory of these songs."

Lynn G., Burlington, Ontario

""My sister and I grew up listening to your music, and my sister is now expecting her first child, so I'm really excited to have found you again-it will be so nice for another generation of our family to sing along with you."

Beth P., Guelph, Ontario

""My family listened to your records all the time when I was younger, and now that I am teaching grade one, I have been trying to find your music for use in my classroom...I am very glad to have found your website."

Carol S., Atikameg, Alberta

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