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..It does not matter who you are, the pain of Alzheimer's is the same for everyone who has had to watch a loved one suffer from the disease. I absolutely loved every word you wrote. Once the tears stop flowing, I will read it again..Thanks for writing it. It is the best book I have ever read..

Sharon MacLean, Burlington, ON

.What a warm, sad, life-affirming and life-questioning collection of thoughts"..

Martin Gertler., Mendham, N.J.

.The book is a little magnet-I read the whole thing at once. Each poem was more powerful than the next.Great book--great poems-like potato chips "You can't eat/read just one!"..

Dr. Linda Organ, Westlake Village, CA

.I feel like I have received the most amazing gift. I can only imagine how you felt writing it as I can't stop sobbing every time I read a poem..

Rhoda J., Toronto ON

.I wanted to tell you how very special each and every poem is and since my mom has had Alzheimer's for a very long time, I can appreciate every word, every feeling and every thought..

Audrey Cutler Weinstein, Palm Beach, FL/Salem, MA

.I know that the book is truly a work of love, spirit and emotion that I will treasure for many years to come. I can see it in every poem that you are blessed with an ability to shape your feelings in such a way that they pour out of every page. I hope that others may gain comfort and insight through your words during a time that is so difficult for so many.

Rabbi David Seed, Toronto, ON

..Your book of poems still touches me deeply each time I read it. You are a special, gifted, sensitive person, channeling God's grace and peace into the lives around you...

Shirley K., Pickering, ON

..Such a Long Goodbye, the poem, encapsulates exactly the last two weeks of Dan's life, or rather, my life with him at that time. I only got to the middle of the book. (so far) I kept coming back to that poem. It was the key to another release of tears..Thank you Sandy. Your writing allows me access to myself..

Marilyn Freeman, Toronto ON

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