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Presenting a New Side Of Sandy Offenheim

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Sandy Offenheim began her professional writing career in the mid 1970's when IF SNOWFLAKES FELL IN FLAVOURS, the first of four albums of her original children’s songs, was released. Sandy, her husband Harold, and two children, Nadine and Stephen recorded these songs, which captured the joy, wonder and imagination of childhood. Click to view Sandy's children's music.

Now a grandmother of five, Sandy has reached a new phase in her life’s journey. Since 1997, Sandy and her family have been dealing with the devastating effects of Alzheimer's on her father.

In an attempt to work through her anguish, Sandy began to write poetry. The poems in this collection are honest and raw. Some express sadness, grief and anger at the disease, while others celebrate the man that her father was.

It is Sandy’s hope that anyone who is dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia will relate to the emotions expressed in her poetry. The tears that she has shed by writing these poems have been very healing.


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